August Updates

Greetings to everyone whose SCA experience relies on volunteer offices…

During July we are trialing a slight change to the Call for Commentary process:

Where possible, calls for commentary for Seneschals & Kingdom officers will be put out with a shortlist of candidates rather than a predetermined nominee.

That this is not a popularity contest, primarily the change we are testing is about collecting relevant information before making decisions. Please treat the shortlist as two separate considerations and if you wish to provide commentary please do so but avoid engaging in comparisons. Once feedback is received and selection is complete, the confirmed appointment will be announced.

We anticipate this being trialled throughout July and if the feedback is positive will look to roll it out to all offices. If you would like to provide feedback on this potential change, please email with the word Commentary included in your subject line.


This seems like a reasonable time for that reminder: ALL our officers are volunteers who give of their time and resources, most have Jobs and Lives, so please conduct queries with respect and courtesy. Remember also that many officers use their inbox to filter applications, bookings etc, so a FB message at 1am may miss the mark.

In most cases the person sitting at the desk or responding to your initial request is operating within a set of established guidelines which they didn’t write so by all means ask & learn but if you want to query something about best practice, maybe send them a quick email they can share with their appropriate upline.


Finally, a clarification of my previous statement about Discord and council meetings:

“The Discord team have a Lochac server working nicely, I strongly recommend checking it out as I’m sure it will be useful in many ways (note, Discord is not intended as a replacement for council meetings). ”

I am very pleased that we have Discord available to assist with facilitating access to council meetings, AGMs, Kingdom-wide singing etc. Audio conferencing is a good communication tool, especially for geographical challenges however it still lacks the personal/community component of face to face discussions and that community is a crucial part of our game.

Seneschals – Discord is available to help your group communicate but it’s not a complete replacement for face to face meetings.

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