LOTS Timetable

Saturday 19th September

10am – Marshalling Marshals – Mistress Angele de Savigny

11am – Constructive Communications, Why and How? – Master Bartholomew Baskin

11am – Successful Surveys to Inform Decision-Making – Lady Gwen verch Davd

12pm – Events and all the things that go with them – Countess Beatrice Maria Malatesta

1pm – Streamlining messaging without leaving anyone out – Baron Sorle Maknicoll

1pm – How to run a successful group project – Mistress Rowan Perigrynne

2pm  – Lochac Dispute Resolution Process- Round Table Discussion (2 hours)

Sunday 20th September

10am  – Risk Management for Dummies – Earl Gilbert Purchase

11am – Online events & how to run them – Baroness Miriam bat Shimeon

11am – Teamwork – 5 reasons why Lochac needs more- Earl Gilbert Purchase

12pm – Lochac Procedures Manual- Round Table Discussion

1pm – Utilising Social Media in the SCA– Baroness Anne de Tournai and Lady Madilayn le Mercer

12pm – Groups Guide- Round Table Discussion

2pm – Ask the Deputy Exchequer for Australia – Lady Gabrielle Hamilton

3pm – Hospitallers in Lochac – Baroness Tórfa svell fara

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