Crown Events

Making a Crown Event Submission

There are four major Kingdom events each year for which event bids are sought:
Autumn Crown Tournament (March)
Autumn Coronation (May)
Spring Crown (September)
Spring Coronation (November)

Bids for these events close roughly 13 months before the event:
Autumn Crown bids close at the end of January
Autumn Coronation bids close at the end of March
Spring Crown bids close at the end of July
Spring Coronation bids close at the end of September

A submission should contain at the very least the following components:

  • Outline of the event planned
  • Costings
  • Steward Team
  • Proposed Schedule

Contact the Lochac Seneschal and find out if there are any particular requirements of an individual event. It is also a good idea to let them know that your group may be interested in submitting and discuss this in general terms.

Crown Event Handbook

A Crown Event Handbook was prepared in AS XLIV by Mistress katherine kerr, drawn from many similar resources, both near and far. This formed the template for the existing document.

Use this from the moment you start planning your bid. Its guidance and checklists should be handy for anyone running a large event, and will certainly increase your chances of a successful bid and event. You’ll find it here:

Crown Event Handbook

This collection of resources is designed as an accompaniment to the Lochac Crown Event Handbook.

Crown Event Bid Pack


The more you tell us about your plans for the event, the more easily the Council of the Purse will be able to make a decision between competing submissions. Photos of venues etc and clear budget figures definitely help.

Crown Event bids are decided upon by the Council of the Purse, i.e. the Crown, Kingdom Seneschal and Kingdom Exchequer. The decision is generally based on the quality of the bids received, with some weight given to the recency of a group’s previous Crown event, and some influence from the location of the immediately-preceding Crown events.

Since several bids are often received, and all are usually good, the lesson is to not get too discouraged if your bid does not succeed, and to try again. You are most welcome to ask for feedback about what factors may have told against your bid on any given occasion.

Questions are welcome, email the Crown Events Deputy

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