Lochac Seneschallate

Unto the wise and well-travelled people of Lochac,

So that’s what reporting season looks like from this side – wow – Thanks to all officers for putting together some very insightful reports about their local groups.

While reading reports from across the land it was apparent that many of the routine activities we take for granted are done in vastly different ways across Lochac. In many cases that’s perfectly fine, as all our groups have unique identities which will continue to be the essence of Lochac.

In other cases, it’s less straightforward – such as when we fail to correctly advertise events or process insurance fees. Certainly, in most cases this has been a misunderstanding of the requirements, so allow me to share some of the progress we are making on providing better answers:

Your Exchequer is presently working on a draft proposal exploring the possibility of groups choosing to cover the 5 Gold insurance day membership, whilst ensuring we abide by our legal financial requirements.

Your Constable will soon release updated sign in forms as well as instructions for displaying Lochac’s new Code of Conduct (release imminent) at all SCA events.

Speaking of SCA events, your Seneschal’s office is compiling notes on helping to prevent events being incorrectly published, because we all like seeing our friends able to be recognised when Their Majesties come to town. Amongst a number of smaller projects underway we are looking for ways to improve access to statistical data for groups and officers across the Kingdom.

Rowany Festival is indeed just…a number of weeks away and I’m certainly looking forward to it.

I’m packing light this year – Just the essential supplies and a whole bunch of questions for you – so if you have ideas, queries or concerns, I plan to be onsite from Friday morning to Monday morning and I look forward to exploring your ideas.

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