Book of Laws

Book of Laws of the Kingdom of Lochac

Laws of the Kingdom of Lochac

The laws of the Kingdom of Lochac can be found online here:

Laws of Lochac

An archive of historical laws and changes can be found here.

Graphic courtesy of THL Lowrans Wilyamson
The precedence of the law in the Kingdom of Lochac is:

  • Real-world law.
  • The Constitution of the SCA Ltd and/or the Rules of SCANZ, as applicable.
  • The SCA Ltd-SCANZ, SCA Ltd-SCA US and SCANZ-SCA US operating agreements.
  • SCA Ltd and/or SCANZ corporate policies, as applicable.
  • The Corpora of the SCA US
  • SCA US Officers’ policies, as approved by the Board of SCA US, except those specifically excluded by the operating agreements between SCA Ltd and/or SCANZ and SCA US.
  • The Laws of the Kingdom of Lochac (this document)
  • Governing documents or written policies of Kingdom Officers, approved by the Crown and Kingdom Seneschal
  • The Word of the Crown

The laws of the Kingdom of Lochac should be read in the order listed in the list of links on this page, with documents higher up the list overriding documents lower down the chart.

Links to the relevant documents:

By Lochac Seneschal | Link