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Marshalling Marshals – Mistress Angele de Savigny

What does the marshallate need to report on at what level? Are we capturing the information we need from tourneys and events? What does the group need to report on to the kingdom and why? and What does the Kingdom report to Society and why? Reporting lines, report content and more!

Successful Surveys to Inform Decision-Making – Lady Gwen verch Davd

Surveys are a great tool for consulting your group about their preferences, ideas, experiences, and feedback. This class will discuss when you can use a survey to help make a decision, designing that survey so it’s as useful and efficient as possible, interpreting your results, and sharing those results with your group.

Streamlining messaging without leaving anyone out – Baron Sorle Maknicoll

Social media is really easy for connecting with others, but some don’t like it and others can’t use it and still others want their personal and persona kept separate. On top of that social media is NOT an official method of communication for groups and officers (at least not currently). So how can we make sure we get to everyone, and ensure it’s official, without having to post the same thing five times?

Hospitallers in Lochac  – Baroness Tórfa svell fara

An open/round table discussion on the role of the Hospitallers in Lochac. Topics covered could be (but not limited to): What the role entails, how to help newcomers post COVID-19, deputies and why you should have them.

Events and all the things that go with them – Countess Beatrice Maria Malatesta

Have you ever wanted to run an event but not sure what you have to do? Discussion includes going from an event idea through the event and post event reporting.

Ask the Deputy Exchequer for Australia – Lady Gabrielle Hamilton

Have you ever wanted to know what this role does? Why do we need a deputy for each country? This is your chance to ask all those questions about the role and more.

Round Table Discussions

Lochac Procedures Manual

This  is a day-to-day guide for every Officer in the Kingdom, at every level. It gives a more comprehensive outline of what is expected of an Officer at every level of the Kingdom of Lochac.  This discussion will review the content of the document and make suggestions for changes and processes in officer how-to for the roles and their responsibilities.

Lochac Dispute Resolution Process

This discussion will analyse the current Dispute Resolution Process and its impact and effectiveness across the Kingdom. Discussion will be undertaken with the SCA Sanctions Guide as a source of information.

Groups Guide

Is this a confusing thing? The discussion will review the current Groups Guide and suggest changes for the content and layout of the document.

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