Lochac Seneschal

The Seneschal of the Kingdom of Lochac is Baron Lachlahn Dunbar (Daniel Dunbar):

Email: <– preferred means of contact.

Lochac Seneschallate Staff


Baron Nicodemus Novello.

Youth Officer (Children’s Deputy):
Fálki hinn Beinlausi.
– Website:

Hospitaller — Responsible for welcoming newcomers, PR, and Recruiting:
Mistress Anne de Tournais
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Masonry (infrastructure) Deputy:
Nicodemus Novello
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Deputy Seneschal for Crown events:
Count Kinggiyadai Ba’Atur
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Cartography Deputy:
Domhnall na Moicheirghe)
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Group Seneschals

Contact information for Groups and Seneschals may be found here.

Seneschal Mentor Support

The following experienced gentles have offered their services to Seneschals seeking some direct one-on-one support in addition to what is available from the Kingdom Seneschal and the College of Seneschals mailing list.

Just select and contact one of them directly, as you see fit.

Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora

Location: St Florian de la Riviere (QLD)
Further information:
Former Seneschal, Baroness, A&S officer, Chronicler, Reeve, for Barony of St Florian de la Riviere. Soon my SCA age will be legal to drink which is only slightly embarrassing. Passionate about recruitment, resourcing, and retention and growing our medieval fun stuff. I am accessible to anyone seeking support or an agony aunt.

Gilligan of St Bartholomew

Location: Stormhold (VIC)
Further information:
Seneschal of the College of Saint Bartholomew 2007/2008. Current Seneschal of Stormhold. Dab hand at publicity and newbie recruitment, happy to contribute my knowledge and wisdom, such as they are.

Bernard Stirling

Location: Darton (NZ)
Further information:
Have held Seneschal, Reeve and many other offices since helping to found my group many years ago. I’m mundanely active in employment law so quite good with helping resolve interpersonal disputes and communication or management problems.

Line of Seneschals of Lochac

Below is a provisional list of those who have held the Lochac Seneschal’s office. To offer corrections or additions, please contact the Kingdom Seneschal.

  • November 2017 to present – Lachlahn Dunbar
  • November 2015 to November 2017 – Nicodemus Novello
  • November 2013 to November 2015  – Caristiona nic Beathain
  • November 2011 to November 2013   – Catherine de Arc
  • Festival 2011 to November 2011   – Katherina Weyssin von Regenspurk
  • Festival 2009-Festival 2011   –   Bartholomew Baskin
  • Festival 2007-Festival 2009   –   Cairistiona inghean Raghnaill
  • Festival 2005-Festival 2007   –   Emrys Tudur
  • May Crown 2003-Festival 2005   –   Adelbert von Strassburg
  • February 2003-May Crown 2003   –   Bethan of Brockwood (acting)
  • Twelfth Night 2002-February 2003   –   Artemisia da Quieto d’Arzenta (first Kingdom Seneschal)

Principality Seneschals: (additional listings and better dates welcome)

  • Twelfth Night 2002   –   Artemisia (final Principality Seneschal)
  • Oct 2000-Twelfth Night 2002   –   Vladimir Ivanovich Kurgan
  • Feb 2000-Sept 2000   –   Ulfgar the Unspeakable (Acting)
  • 1999   –   Alarice of Inverness
  • 1997-9   –   Aylwin Greymane
  • 1995-7   –   Rhianwen ni Dhiarmada
  • ?1993   –   1995 Isabeau of the Wylde Woode
  • ?1992   –   1993 Peter d’Gaunt
  • ?1990   –   1992 Toyve Woolmonger
  • ?1988   –   1990 Isabella Contarini
  • ?1983  –  ?1985 Rowan Peregrynne
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