Appointinator User Guide

What’s it for?

The three key benefits of using the Appointinator are:

  1. You’ll get well thought-out and appealing draft text for the job ad you want to run
  2. You’ll get helpful process guidance and notice text for the advertising, commentary and appointment phases of the process
  3. You’ll get handy email reminders at each point in the process

Getting in

You get to The Appointinator from the Officer functions menu described in the Regnumator User Guide. Once you’re there, you’ll see the first Appointinator page:

The office being advertised

On this page, select the group and office you’re advertising, the closing date and the desired commentary period. Provide your contact information as the person who is sending out (signing) the advertisement, then press Start.

The appointing (upline) officer

The person who publishes the ad is is often not the same as the appointing officer – the person who receives applications and makes the final decision on an appointment. Hence this page:

Based on what role you’re advertising, and the rules described in Appendix One (“Who appoints who”) of the Lochac Procedures Manual, the Appointinator will make a good guess at the title and email address of the correct upline officer – but you can alter it if need be. For example, is frequently used for the email address when advertising group-Seneschal and Kingdom Officer roles. That means the Kingdom Seneschal can have their Deputy receive, acknowledge and collate applications and commentary, before forwarding it all to the Kingdom Seneschal and any other parties involved in the final decision.

The advertisement

The Appointinator has a large library of advertisements, tweaked slightly (where needed) for different group types. This example of the advertisement screen shows the beginning and end of a Baronial Seneschal ad:

Once the advertisement is displayed, you can edit it to suit any special local conditions, and/or to personalise it. This is encouraged!

Once you’ve finished editing, you should always use the Queue Emails button. That will not only send the edited ad text to you for forwarding to local channels such as mailing lists and FB, but will also queue emailed reminders regarding the commentary and decision parts of the appointment process. The Appointinator also sends a cc to the appointing officer (if it’s not you) so they are aware that advertising has commenced.

When you use the Queue Emails button, you’ll see a final summary of when the various ad, commentary and appointment reminders will be emailed to you. If you don’t see the initial ad email in your inbox almost immediately, don’t forget to check spam – and if possible, whitelist the email address.

Note: Appointinator does not publish notices to any channel directly – that’s up to you!


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