Regnum Update Form

Regnum Update Form
Who is the person reporting the change in officeholder?
What is your contact email?
What role is changing officeholder, or being created for the first time?
What is the email address for the role (if known)?
What is the Website/URL for the role?
Who is taking on the role (SCA Name)?
What awarded rank do they wish to be addressed as (especially if they would prefer a variant on the standard title, such as "Noble" instead of "Lord" or "Lady". Write "leave blank" if they want no title listed, or leave for the standard form of their highest award in Canon Lore
What are the correct third-person pronouns for referring to the SCA persona the new officeholder is using?
Who is taking on the role (Mundane Name for verification purposes)?
What is the email address of the person taking on the role (backup contact and/or email address for forwarding)?
When does their warrant start? (Month/Year)
By Sorle Maknicoll | Link