Regnum Update Form – Order Clerks and Guild Heads

Regnum Update Form

This form allows Order Clerks or Guild Heads to notify the Regnumator team of changes so they can update Kingdom Regnum online and in Pegasus.

Note: this form is not for warranted officers - at all levels you should ask the person who appointed you to create a warrant record for you or your successor, or you can directly edit the personal details of your existing warrant in the Regnumator.

(Or desired address if this is a new role).
What is the desired website/URL for the role?
What are the correct third-person pronouns for referring to your SCA persona?
(Required for verification purposes)
A current SCA membership isn't needed for these roles, but if you have even an expired one, it makes record keeping much easier.
Backup contact and/or email address for forwarding.
Does this office already have (or require) a full Lochac-hosted mailbox?
When does your time in this role start? (Month/Year, e.g. 03/22)
By Sorle Maknicoll | Link