Lochac Seneschallate

Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen – Leonardo da Vinci.

What does that have to do with this month’s article? It’s tenuous really, but read on…

This month is a reminder, that as Lochac matures, we are also becoming more diverse and encountering new challenges accommodating that evolution.

Our Heralds are faced with not just a broader timeframe but now a genuine Eastern Heritage to facilitate, oh and heralding in silence – that’s new.

The Constabulary are actively reviewing sign-in forms and processes to include new mundane and society requirements. List keepers are, well I can’t explain, but they’re writing it down.

Updated websites are popping up across the kingdom. The masonry team, in addition to building our new server, are establishing our online conferencing services.

We have a brand new Lochac Arts & Sciences competition format, with another movie star debut.

The Kingdom’s Reeves are being trained like never before – and seriously, if you’re not the Exchequer, please let them do their thing!

The war field has always been a place for bravery, and if there’s one office more daunting to me than all others it’s being Marshal in charge of revising rules, truly a trial by mixed combat.

We are a Kingdom of Word-fame Wednesday, Webwright Wednesday and Favourites Friday, (bring on Toast-your-local-seneschal Tuesday and Siesta Saturday).

Lochac’s Crowns (the shiny pointy type) need filing and our dropbox is filling with records.

Amongst all that change the undeniable identity remains, we are the people of Lochac and while we will meet each other on the war field at the drop of a coif, what sets us apart from other medieval games is balance of tradition, interpretation of history and support of each other’s interests.

How does that relate to Leo? Officers within Lochac are volunteers who have stood up and said, I will. Their efforts are often most successful when they are neither seen or felt, unlike painting or poetry, purely function.

I did say it was tenuous, so let me close with this gem from the sagest of the four masters: “A wise man said, forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for a late pizza”- Michelangelo


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