Lochac Seneschallate

Look at yourselves. Go on, take a look around, chances are you or someone dear to you came to the SCA via a college! People of Lochac, you’ve been had! Hoodwinked! Bamboozled. Run amuck! Collegians aren’t just our future, they make up a significant part of our officer core, Barons and Baronesses and even Peers of the Realm right now.

While colleges have been a key recruitment tool throughout Lochac for many years they also build up their own unique culture along with an odd habit of worshiping vegetables. Also unique to colleges is that they are often just a bad recruitment year or two away from being unsustainable as the study/graduation cycle progresses.

This is where we get to give back.

O-Week season is fast upon us and if your group has a college there’s a good chance they are gathering their forces and mustering their artisans – or something like that – for the primary college recruiting day of the year.

How can you help? The most sought-after assistance is usually people in garb or armour, on the day available to talk about the activities we run and show off their handiwork, though this can vary from group to group so contact your local college seneschal today and volunteer.

Can’t make it on the day? How about stewarding a tourney day or newcomers feast or putting together a group to do so? If teaching is your thing, there’s bound to be a bunch of excited but nervous newcomers needing their first Tudor Garb and eager to begin wailing upon each other with a length of rattan or thrusting tip.

Will you sign up a future King or Queen of Lochac?

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