Chance for reflection in times of peace & prosperity

Greetings to Lochac,
I trust that this message finds you well into a wonderful festive season with family and friends.
My thanks to the officers of Lochac who submitted reports recently. While no one (ok very few people) look forward to reporting time, it provides a valuable opportunity to compare notes and share ideas between groups as well as identifying areas we can develop further.
I mentioned last month that in times of peace and prosperity we find opportunity for review – and that’s certainly true today, with so many creative ideas being thrown around for exploration.
First things first though, we are looking to standardise on a media platform to host involved discussions – one which is widely accessible and easily transferred into action points. as our new Masonry Deputy, Master Nicodemus will be consulting on and reviewing various options this month.
Meanwhile, kudos to Anne de Tournai who’s doing a great job with the Lochac Facebook page and congratulations to Andreas Reinhardt on his rise to superstardom as Web-write extraordinaire whose FB Live session has left Lochac wanting more.
Twelfth Night is fast approaching, and I would like to extend my thanks to their Majesties, Steffan II and Branwen II, whose presence and support have always been everything I could wish for from royalty.
It’s also exciting to welcome Their Highnesses, Rowland and Tailltiu as our next King & Queen. While new to the Crown, Their Highnesses are very well credentialed, play an excellent brand of SCA and their coronation heralds in exciting days.
What a grand time to live in Lochac.
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