Introducing our shiny new Kingdom Seneschal

Greetings to Lochac , from Lachlahn, Seneschal.

At the wonderful event that was November Crown, I stepped up as Lochac Seneschal. It quickly became apparent how well Baron Nicodemus has executed this office and how well he has been supported. I would like to thank His Excellency for his dedication to Lochac and for the continued support that he offers as I step into the office.

I’m sure it will come as no surprise that almost every congratulation I received on taking this role was accompanied by tongue in cheek commiserations — but while there can be no denying Seneschal includes a daunting array of activities, I’m excited to be in the job and I hope to live up to the lofty standards set by my predecessors.

In times of peace and prosperity we find opportunity for review and I’m excited to hear your thoughts and ideas. In addition to the excitement of developing our game in China, some suggested topics for consideration include:

  • Using technology to streamline mundane activities
  • Enabling & supporting event stewards!
  • Clarifying & potentially streamlining reporting paths
  • Balancing recruitment with retention & enjoyment
  • Can we do more to assist families staying active?
  • Are we ensuring that our society feels inclusive?
  • As our game expands are our institutions keeping pace?

Now I’m not nearly foolish enough to think that I can drive all of these ideas, so if any of these topics pique your interest then please let me know that you’d like to be involved!

Finally (for now) I would like to hear from you on what would you most like to see on the list or what ideas would you like to share?

Yours in service,

Baron Lachlahn Dunbar

Kingdom Seneschal

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