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Kingdom of Lochac COVID-19 Response Plan (effective 13 August 2022)

NOTE: this is a living document, and will be updated as changes require.

Results of the survey open during July 2022 will be released shortly.


Previous info:


COVID-19 Guidelines for SCA Sponsored events and activities

COVID Survey Results: Kingdom of Lochac  – December 2021

The data collected in this survey was open to all members and non-members across the Kingdom from the 17th October to the 24th October 2021.

The description of the survey was:

As Australia and New Zealand move into a “living with COVID-19” world, the Kingdom of Lochac must also plan for the future of in person events where the virus will inevitably be circulating undetected at SCA events and across the wider community.

This survey seeks your views as a citizen of Lochac.

Data will be collated and analysed on completion and a report sent to the affiliate organisations. Information collected from the survey will be used in the planning of SCA Lochac events, policy and future COVID-19 safe measures as needed.

The survey has the approval of the Crown, SCA Ltd and SCANZ and was developed by the Office of the Kingdom Seneschal of Lochac.

*Note: Minors (12+ years) are free to complete this survey. A carer may assist in completing this survey for them.


Lochac COVID poster – created by Duchess Sir Eva von Danzig

New Zealand

Contact tracing document

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