Lochac Incident and Hazard Form

Lochac Hazard and Incident Report Form

Use this form to report Hazards and Incidents related to activities and events associated with the Kingdom of Lochac. Reports will go directly to the Kingdom Seneschal who will triage as appropriate. If you have more general feedback to offer, please use the Feedback form instead.

Lochac values your privacy and will use the information you provide via this form for management of risks arising from our activities and events. The information may also be used for related secondary purposes: providing you with information about health and safety matters; to comply with legislative reporting requirements; attending to day-to-day administrative matters; and preparing statistical reporting.

Privacy - please check this box if you intend to submit this form: *
Are you reporting on behalf of someone else? *
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Please provide as much detail as possible including any contact information (below)
If known and where relevant, please include contact details such as an email address and/or phone number
Type of risk - select the most relevant: *
Where did this occur? *
Was this an incident (something that happened) or a hazard (something that might happen)? *
Example: a tree branch that might fall is a hazard. One that fell - whether or not it injured someone - is an incident.
Examples of impacts might include personal injuries, loss of assets or funds
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