Different ways of viewing documents

This page provides two different versions of the current Lochac New Groups Guide.

One is the regular PDF – here it is.

The other is an E-publication or Epub file – here it is.

I’d appreciate feedback on whether you find the Epub more useful, or the PDF – especially those who commonly use phones to access our websites and documents.

Caveat: you’ll need reader software to look at epubs. Examples are: ReadEra on Android, Freda on Windows systems, Acrobat reader on almost any system, and Calibre on almost any system.

IF you had to download and install a reader to try the epub file, did you think the benefits* of this format justified the hassle of getting a reader?

* Compared to a PDF, the main benefits of epubs are excellent resizability for reading, especially on small screens. This includes coping whether a phone is in landscape or portrait modes, and decent handling of graphics (long-press in ReadEra or right-click in Freda to access zoom modes for the big graphics in this example).

Again, feedback is very welcome!

By Lochac Seneschal | Link